Asylum-Seeker Family Separations Traumatize Family Integrity, Burden the State

San Diego, CA — As President Trump’s zero tolerance policy on border-crossings has really taken effect this spring and summer, the news reports are awash in daily updates on family separation when illegal immigrants attempt to cross over into the United States.

Immigrant Family Separations San Diego
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The practice for such cases used to be family detainment–the entire unit would be held in a family shelter awaiting prosecution. Now, the parents are taken into legal custody of the US Marshal, while the children are turned over to a different agency altogether–the Department of Health and Human Services. From there, they are placed in one of the hundreds of children’s holding homes across fifteen states.

Family ID Numbers To Help Reunification?

It used to be that cases of family separations were rare, with perhaps only a few a week. Now, there are dozens every week–hundreds in the space of one month. ACLU and other class action attorneys are shaken by all this, and have been demanding for a way to help reunite parents and children eventually. This is especially difficult when kids are not verbal yet and can’t provide any clues for reunification.

President Trump has responded, and now family units are being assigned a single ID number. However, thousands of parents and children by now have no way of finding one another without extensive help, burdening the state with the care of such children–possibly for a lifetime. Some kids are completely preverbal, as many babies and toddlers arrived with their parents, only to be forcibly separated from them.

Mixed Feelings

This practice of taking children away at ports of entry has been put into place to dissuade unauthorized border crossings and was aimed at protecting the children from the risks associated with smuggling them into the country. What is happening certainly raises interesting questions about international law, parental rights, and child custody. Many have mixed feelings about what it has done for the safety of the kids. Meanwhile, family law professionals, public defenders, and the general population looks on as the situation plays out.

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