Attorneys Lass and Griffith Bring Successful End to Two-Year Child Custody Battle

On Wednesday, June 3, 2015, the family court judge in a highly contested North County San Diego child custody case issued a ruling in a case that has been litigated over the course of the past two years.  Attorneys Amy Lass and John Griffith put on a two-day trial that concluded on Tuesday.  Lass and Griffith represented the father who, for the past year and a half, had been forced to have visitation with his 3-year-old daughter supervised by a professional child visitation monitor.  During that period, the father spent over $40,000 to pay for the professional service.   The family court judge set a trial to determine an appropriate parenting plan and the onslaught of false allegations and bad faith maneuvering ensued.

a little blond child holding her father's hand

In an attempt to keep the child away from the father the Mother consistently alleged that the father used drugs and abused alcohol, that he owned illegal weapons, and that he associated with violent criminals.  Every one of the mother’s allegations was proven false.  When cross-examined by Griffith at trial, the mother broke down and apologized for having made the allegations without knowledge that they were true and simply testified, “I shouldn’t have done that.”  The mother even went so far as to call around town in an attempt to solicit testimony from friends and business associates of the father.  None agreed to testify against father because none had anything bad to say.

Several witnesses were called to testify at trial including two experts in psychological testing and two child custody evaluators including Dr. Stephen Doyne.  The mother’s legal team relied heavily on an unfavorable recommendation for father made by Dr. Doyne.  However, when Lass examined Doyne, giving him an opportunity to opine on new facts that came out during Griffith’s cross-examination of the mother, Dr. Doyne’s testimony at trial ended up being a pivotal turning point in the court’s decision and the father’s successful outcome.  In an attempt to torpedo father’s momentum in the case; the mother flew in to testify a world-renowned expert in the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test “MMPI,” Dr. Richard Levek.  However, Ms. Lass called local child custody expert, Dr. Robert Simon, who persuasively refuted the potentially damaging testimony given by Levek.

Upon the conclusion of the presentation of evidence and closing statements, the judge made findings that the vast majority of the allegations made by the mother were not supported by any evidence.  The Court also found that the father was a good father and that he posed no risk at all to the child.  The Court ordered mother to attend therapy to deal with her issues of mistrust of the father.  Today, this proud and loving father, and client of Griffith, Young & Lass is finally being given the opportunity to be a dad again.

This case represents the importance of diligence and perseverance when faced with diversity in the midst of a child custody battle.  This father refused to give up on his daughter despite the uphill battle he faced to see the case out.  This mother made it clear from the beginning of the case that she would never work with the father of her daughter toward a parenting plan that included him as a meaningful part of their daughter’s life.  The father, along with the expert legal team of attorneys Amy Lass and John Griffith ensured that mother would not get her way.

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