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Attorney Spotlight: Shirin Asgari, ESQ.
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Attorney Spotlight: Shirin Asgari, ESQ.

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2018 | Latest News

Practicing law was always a natural path for Shirin Asgari, ESQ; however, family law was never part of the plan. When she began law school at the University of San Diego, she ruled out criminal and family law as an option. An internship at a domestic violence clinic ignited her passion for helping those in times of crisis and led her to where she is now: Family Law.

More than two years ago, Asgari joined the Griffith, Young, & Lass Family Law Firm (GYL) and since has become invaluable to her colleagues.

“Shirin is dedicated to her clients and loyal to the firm,” said Amy Lass, who is a partner of the firm. “She is a hard worker, a problem solver, and committed to excellence.”

Comradery comes to mind when asked about her experience at GYL. The ability to collaborate with her colleagues, who she considers to be exceptionally bright, is crucial for reaching the best-case strategy.

“We have a close-knit dynamic within the firm, and an open-door policy,” she said. “This is really important when you are a young attorney trying to figure things out.”

With four years of experience as an attorney, she has successfully represented clients in an extensive range of family law proceedings such as: divorce, child custody, child support, spousal supportproperty division, asset division, and domestic violence. Additionally, she has been active in the legal community and is the recipient of awards such as: the California State Bar Wiley W. Manuel Certificate for Pro Bono Legal Services, and the San Diego Lawyer Volunteer Program Distinguished Service award.

Asgari takes a practical, real life approach to cases. She knows her clients are individuals who have a great amount at stake and are more than likely going through the most difficult times in their lives. She aims to get things done while respecting their emotional needs.

Understanding what is reasonable and realistic, and the ability to speak candidly with her clients is key. Each client has unique needs and she always places their interests at the forefront of the case. She is an attorney that will do everything she can to resolve her client’s cases efficiently and fairly.“Sometimes that means going all in and fighting for what my clients want and sometimes that means having to “real talk” them into more realistic solutions,” she said.

Recently, a client raved at her supportive nature, and more importantly, her ability to receive a prompt and favorable ruling. The opportunity to positively affect and change lives on such a personal level drives her to give her best each day. This work ethic has aided in success for her clients and the firm.The ability to think on your feet, communicate well, maintain composed under pressure, and to assess a situation from all angles are qualities Asgari considers making an exceptional attorney. Her goal each day is to ultimately fight her clients and receive rulings in their favor, however she has ambitious goals for the future: She plans on becoming a judge.

“We are grateful to have a smart, quick, and compassionate attorney representing our firm,” said Catie Young, who is a partner at GYL. “We look forward to watching Shirin’s career blossom within our firm until she finds herself on the other side serving as an honorable judge.”

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