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What Makes Divorce Mediation Successful
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What Makes Divorce Mediation Successful

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2022 | Mediation

Clear Benefits to a Peaceful Resolution

Mediation as a means to resolving divorce issues has shown itself to be an effective solution. The couples who choose mediation for their divorce typically walk away with a peacefully discussed resolution. But what makes divorce mediation so successful?


First, mediation allows participants the benefit of privacy. Almost no one wants the world to know about why their marriage is dissolving or the issues pervading their divorce. In mediation, sessions are kept to you, your spouse, and your mediator. The only time anything related to your divorce is discussed outside of your sessions is when the court has to know something.

In traditional litigation, privacy is almost impossible since your divorce and the court proceedings go on public record; with mediation, this view into your life can be avoided.

Neutral Third-Party

Your mediator acts as a neutral third-party individual to facilitate conversations between you and your spouse. Because they are a third party, they are by nature impartial to the final outcome and will not favor one side over the other. This means that you can expect your final settlement agreement to be fair for both you and your spouse.

Control Over the Final Outcome

Something that mediation offers participants is a greater deal of control over the final outcome. When you and your spouse attend mediation with your third-party mediator, that person acts as the facilitator for the discussion, allowing you and your spouse to essentially work together to determine how to resolve issues such as child custody and property division. Perhaps what people like most about mediation is that the final settlement agreement is something that they themselves created through collaboration; mediation does not end with the court determining items for you.


Above all else, mediation is a peaceful way of resolving divorce issues. While conversations have the possibility of getting tense at times, your mediator is trained to de-escalate intense situations to a manageable level to allow both of you to continue working through important matters. Traditional litigation can be filled with even more challenging times and, therefore, various waves of emotions; mediation, on the other hand, is a greater opportunity for peace.

Ready to Try Something New?

Like anything, choosing divorce mediation begins with the first step of reaching out to a mediator. The mediators at Griffith, Young & Lass are trained in helping couples seeking a divorce resolve their issues peacefully. Our team is prepared to help you and your spouse work together to create an agreement fair for both of you.

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