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Questions to Consider in the Search for a Mediator
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Questions to Consider in the Search for a Mediator

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Mediation

Ensuring Careful Thought in the Process

When determining who will be your mediator for your divorce, you may wish to ask potential candidates questions about their experience with mediation or even about mediation itself. In order to strengthen your search, consider asking the following questions to potential mediators.

What Is Your Experience?

Perhaps the first question you should ask anyone who you are considering hiring to do a service for you is their experience in the area you want them to work. You want to be certain that the person mediating your divorce not only knows what they are doing but that they know how to do it well.

What Is Your Mediation Style?

Some mediators tend to act as a facilitator for discussion, or as the middle point of contact between the divorcing spouses. Others tend to dominate the conversation and ask questions of the parties as they work together to find a solution to the divorce. Other mediators prefer to let the parties getting the divorce do most of the talking and will chime in to ask guiding questions. Regardless of the style they choose, you should know how they will handle your sessions to get a perspective on how everything will go.

How Do You Handle Disruptive Behavior?

Sometimes mediation can involve heated emotions, and occasionally people let those feelings get the better of them. In the event such a situation occurs, you should know how your mediator will handle the disruptive person and how they will get things back on track.

How Much Do You Charge For Your Services?

It is always important to have an understanding of what the cost of mediation might be. Your mediator should be able to explain their fee structure whether it’s a flat rate or per session, along with any other costs that might be associated.

Ready to Get Started?

Mediation is a more peaceful alternative to divorce than standard litigation, and choosing mediation can provide you and your spouse with more benefits than you may realize. If you have questions about mediation or are ready to get started, the attorneys at Griffith, Young & Lass are ready to help you try a different, better way.

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