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Children’s Preferences for Custody

La Jolla, CA— When parents divorce, a great source of anxiety for the children in this situation is how their lives will change. Everything from parental attendance of PTA meetings, to how their parents will handle coming to their sports events, to who they will have to live with—become potential conflict landmines. Image Source Today, […]

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Griffith, Young, and Lass Talk Deployment and Child Custody

San Diego, CA – Anyone who has grown up in a military family is familiar with the excitement and anxiety that a deployment call can precipitate. It’s a mix of pride of being able to serve one’s nation in a critical time, mixed with worries about how things will proceed in your absence. Image Source […]

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Asylum-Seeker Family Separations Traumatize Family Integrity, Burden the State

San Diego, CA — As President Trump’s zero tolerance policy on border-crossings has really taken effect this spring and summer, the news reports are awash in daily updates on family separation when illegal immigrants attempt to cross over into the United States. Image Source The practice for such cases used to be family detainment–the entire […]

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US Senate Passes Bill that Helps Grandparents With Child Custody

Image Source San Diego, CA – Just recently, the many grandparents across the United States who have committed to child custody of their grandkids or are otherwise caring for them full time–had a real victory. On March 22, 2018, Senate passed a bill for the Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act. Hundreds of thousands of grandparents […]

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Child Custody Dispute Pits Grandparents’ Rights Against Federal Powers

Image Source Encinitas, CA – An unusual child custody case made headlines in March when local police in Southern Florida seized infant girl Ingrid Johnson from her mother’s care in the hospital. What happened was truly an abuse of law enforcement capacity but this case raises a lot of questions regarding grandparent rights in child […]

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Birdnesting in Joint Custody: Progress in Divorce Co-Parenting

Image Source La Jolla, California – Parents are taking heed of psychological reports which show the sheer mental difficulty children must endure when going between two homes for parenting time with each parent in joint custody. Some have adopted an arrangement dubbed birdnesting. This describes a plan in which the children stay put in their […]

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When Mom is the Non-Custodial Parent, She May Need a Family Law Attorney

Image Source Carlsbad, CA – Even in 2018, there is little public knowledge and, certainly, a lot of stigma, when it comes to noncustodial mothers (NCMs). This basically delineates a family situation where, in a dissolution of marriage, the mother and father get shared custody and time with the children, but with one caveat. The […]

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Unmarried Fathers – Should You Sign the Birth Certificate?

Leucadia, CA – When a child is born, California law automatically assumes that the man who is married to the mother at the time of birth is the child’s father. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 40.2 percent of all births in the USA are by unmarried women. If a child […]

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