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Griffith, Young and Lass Explain California Emergency Custody Orders

La Jolla, CA — These days, most divorced or separated parental pairs have been awarded some configuration of shared or joint custody. Family courts are not inclined to separate kids from parents for any but the most compelling of reasons. What happens when one parent feels that their kids are in immediate or imminent danger […]

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When does child support end?

Carlsbad, CA – Most parents think that child support automatically ends when the child comes to the age of majority. Since 18 is the age of legal adulthood, that is when many assume monthly support payments cease automatically. However, this is far from the truth in many places. First of all, the age of majority […]

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Child Support Enforcement Bill 2802 Passes in California

Image Source La Jolla, CA – On May 30, a bill that would help pay off outstanding child support claims through insurance interception, was finally passed. Assembly Bill 2802 was penned by California State Assemblymember Laura Friedman. How does Insurance Interception work for child support enforcement? Essentially, the bill requires all state insurance companies to […]

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How Does Child Support Arrears Work and What Penalties Could You Face?

La Jolla, CA – If you have fallen behind on your child support payments and you live in California, you may be facing strict penalties. It all depends on the facts of your divorce judgement, as well as the amount of support you have in arrears. Image Source Enforcement Proceedings Typically, this matter is handled […]

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Studies Show Fathers Are Spending More Time on Child Care

Image Source Leucadia, CA – When most people think about child rearing, the mother’s role often comes to mind first. However, fathers are taking a more active approach to parenting these days. In fact, a new study published by the Pew Research Center notes that fathers are becoming increasingly involved in their children’s lives. Del […]

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5 Ways a Divorced Parent Can Have a Fresh New Year

Carlsbad, CA – As a divorced parent, the holidays were tough for you: you scrapped enough money together to buy gifts for your family, and you stayed strong for your child, ensuring they had the best holiday, despite your divorce. A new year should be a great time for new beginnings, right? But for many […]

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Child Support Calculator: How to Determine Child Support Payments

Del Mar, CA – If you have children and are thinking of separating from the other parent, child custody is an issue you will likely have to tackle sooner rather than later. “In California, family law is set up to reflect the best interest of the child,” explains Rancho Santa Fe family attorney John Griffith. […]

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Child Health Insurance Coverage During Divorce

Source San Elijo Hills, CA – When it comes to a divorce involving children, health insurance can become an immediate concern. “You want to make sure both you and your children retain coverage, no matter who carried that coverage during the marriage,” notes San Elijo Hills divorce attorney, John Griffith. “In California, health insurance must […]

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Co-Parent Pointers as We Head Back to School

Source Carlsbad, CA – Once the dust has settled from the holiday festivities of the past few months, it’s important to prepare for back-to-school madness. This is particularly essential for parents who are sharing custody of their children, as this time can be particularly tumultuous. “Any parent understands how difficult it can be re-establishing the […]

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