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Honor Thy Mother: No Matter Your Circumstances

Each year, we can count on Mother’s Day falling on the second Sunday of May. This is a day we celebrate the women who have nurtured children and given of themselves to no end. The second Sunday of every month of May can also be a point of contention for some if they are in […]

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Borderline Personalities and Divorce

Anecdotal evidence suggests that individuals with personality disorders, particularly borderline personality disorder, have both higher rates of divorce and more difficulty negotiating this difficult life transition. A legal colleague asked me to examine why this may be true and how best to help people with this diagnosis when their marriage ends. The DSM V provides […]

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Can I Divorce A Spouse Who Has Mental Illness?

The quick answer is, of course, you can legally end a marriage when a spouse is mentally ill. But the real question is may I end this marriage—i.e. can I give myself permission, ethically, morally to do so. This question raises several issues. The most important one may be the definition of mental illness. It […]

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The New Normal–When Parents Divorce

One of the most difficult, heart wrenching aspects of parents divorcing is the fact that in most cases, each of you will have nights when you don’t put your kids to bed and mornings when you wake up without them. None of us anticipates this in those early bonding months when most people fall in […]

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