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Satisfied Client Testimonials – Carlsbad

I have been working with John for a year now and highly recommend him as an attorney. He is knowledgeable, practical and able to successfully negotiate with opposing counsel. I previously worked with another attorney who dropped the ball on my case and charged me for every tiny thing they did. Since I have retained John, I have had complete peace of mind that all my issues are being well taken care of. If you need a divorce attorney, look no further!
Michelle E.
After an exhausting two years of fighting for child visitations/custody of my minor children with no results, Catie Young took my case after another attorney had financially drained my bank account and threatened to drop my case if I didn't provide him another retainer. After meeting with Catie, she empowered and educated me of my legal right's as a father, she also provided a payment plan that was within my budget. I have no regrets only gratitude towards Catie Young for being a compassionate attorney and having the best interest of my children in heart. I encourage for all fathers to not give up hope, Griffith & Young is your answer to your prayers.
Joshua Riley
Just went through a very tough custody case with a very unethical opposing firm. They tried every tick in the book and John handled them with style and class. I am a single father and we need all the support we can get in family court. I would recommend this firm for any family case matter.
Christopher Reed
Words cannot express how much John and Catie have done for my custody case! When they say "third times a charm" Griffith Family Law fit that saying to a tee! After thousands of dollars and nothing being done with the first two attorneys, God sent me two guardian angels that saved my unexplainable situation. After a year+ of fighting for custody, Griffith Family Law came into my life and I put all my faith into someone that assured me over the phone from across the U.S, that I would have victory on my end of this battle. Sure enough, John and Catie did just that! I am more than grateful and appreciate this office greatly! I would recommend anyone who has failed with other attorney's to trust in Griffith Family Law to get the job done right and fair! Thank You for everything your office has done for my child and I!!!
After realizing that for nearly three years I had been giving my money to a lazy lawyer, when things got to be a bit more complicated, I turned to Griffith, Young, and Lass, at almost last minute. Child custody expert Catie Young took my case immediately in substitution for my former attorney. I wanted someone who would not only understand my case, but to fight for my case. Catie did just that. She researched and cited the correct laws to defend me. She was confident in her work to stand up in court and object opposing party. If you need someone who is knowledgeable, confident, and have the willingness to fight for good cause, this firm will do just that. Not only this, but they will not waste your time or money. Every penny spent is 100% worth their work. Thank you Catie, and Griffith, Young, and Lass for relieving these burdens and establishing a sense of peace in our lives 🙂
Brooke Luchka
We bless the Lord for Griffith, Young & Lass! No one can prepare you for the war, maliciousness and intensity in a divorce that you honestly meant to be amicable! From the beginning unto conclusion of this divorce, Amy Lass was a fierce champion, always present, ethical and committed to our case. This divorce brought great opposition with challenges at every turn, but Amy met each challenge with strength, character and precise working knowledge to meet them and propel us forward. Her genuine care and concern of us, intertwined with her passion to see us through this divorce will be long remembered and serve as a testimonial! I recommend this firm and especially Amy Lass, to anyone who needs their legal matters to be handled and resolved serving the client's best interest, in a timely manner, with caring and concern and ultimately with a spirit of excellence!!! May the blessings of the Lord addeth rich and bring no sorrow to Griffith, Young & Lass.
Diane Elizabeth Clark
I am forever indebted to Amy and the success of my case. She guided me through the process and held my hand all the way with care, truth, and trust. She was sensitive yet she treated my case like it was the only one. Because of my career and financial status, I thought I had already lost my divorce case. But Amy fought with persistence and succeed! I would recommend Griffith Young and Lass in a heart beat! The office staff are rock stars who never missed a beat to respond and because of Amy and the entire office, my children and I are on to our next chapter with bells and whistles on! Thank you, Amy, from the bottom of my heart!
Jennifer B.
Amy Lass has worked tirelessly on helping me to finally resolve my case. I have had several attorneys since 2010. No other attorney could keep up with what the other side was dishing out. All the previous Family Law attorneys that worked on my case before do not hold a candle to Griffith, Young and Lass. Amy will be there for you. With her hard work, dedication, extreme fast follow up, knowledge, and persistence. Above all of those that describe Amy is one of the most important traits, Amys Passion for what she does and believing in justice for her client. Amy , along with her partners at Griffith Young and Lass actually CARE about their clients,and their families. They want to make sure that you are guided step by step, and strive to do the best they can for you and your family. Absolutely no other attorney who worked on my case, or other attorneys that I consulted with made any difference. I was just another client to those other attorneys, but not with Amy, she made all the difference with getting everything handled. Thank you Amy for helping us through ... I only wish I would have found you and your partners earlier.
Elissa Cheney
Amy Lass from and Griffith, Young, and Lass, was AMAZING to work with! I admit I was scared the first time I walked into Amy’s office. At the time I was a self-employed father of a six year old child going through divorce for the first time. There were so many unknowns with the divorce process and my rights as a father. Amy could sense how I was feeling and focused on the issues she could tell were important to me. I can remember at the end of our first meeting Amy looking at me with a confident smile and saying, “you are going to be just fine.” I really needed to hear that. Throughout the case Amy was frequently in contact with me and even provided me her cell phone number which made communication even easier. I could tell Amy genuinely cared about my case. Amy tried many times to work out a fair settlement with my ex but my ex was set on going to trial thinking the court would side with her simply because she is a woman. That was not the case. Amy represented me in trial and was prepared and confident. We ended up winning the case in a landslide! I was able to get the custody I wanted, the house, child support, and half or my ex’s 401k. I am still blown away by how well this went for me and it’s all due to Amy Lass! Do you self a favor and retain Amy, you won’t regret it. Thank you Amy!
Michael L.
GYL represented me with my divorce in 2013 and for my current motions, restraining order and move-away.Amy has been so supportive and my saving grace from the very beginning. She's sensitive to my emotions and feelings and will sympathize with care but she'll be firm and strict when necessary. She guided and led me all the way through and because of that, we won our case!John represented me today for a restraining order against my ex. With his thoroughness, honesty, and guidance, I was granted 1 year extension on my restraining order.Jackie has been so instrumental in all my motions. She has been so patient and held my hand with all the forms and documents to file the motions right.I am coming up with a move-away motion and I am extremely confident that it will fall in my favor.I am forever grateful to Amy, John, and Jackie!!! The are truly amazing...hence MY DREAM TEAM!Have I mentioned how amazing they are?!:)