Custody Strategies to Help California Mothers Get Their Children Back

San Elijo Hills, CA- As a mother, nothing is more heart-wrenching than losing custody of your child. It may seem unimaginable that the court believes your child would be better off with someone else. If your child has been placed with your ex, your parents, or the foster care system, there are still steps you can take to have the decision reversed. Use the following tips to form a strategy to increase your chances of winning back custody of your child.

Before you can recover custody, the judge will want to see that you can provide your child a safe and caring environment. Unfortunately, this means that your ex may try to strengthen his/her case by accusing you of maintaining an unsafe environment. So, while the following tips may seem a little extreme, they are designed to prevent you from doing anything that could inadvertently harm your case.

Child Custody Strategies By John Griffith


Honestly Analyze Your Custody Case- The primary concern of all San Elijo Hills judges is to determine what is in the best interest of the child. Step back and take an honest look at your circumstances. Reflect on what may have led the judge to award custody to someone else. Have you violated an order? Were you wrongly accused of neglect or child abuse? Knowing the reasons behind the judge’s decision will help you form a strategy to correct the situation.

Seek Legal Advice- If you wish to reverse a custody order, you will most likely need to work with a family attorney with experience winning similar family law cases. Leucadia family attorney John Griffith has years of trial experience in all areas of family law practice and specializes in complex jurisdictional child support and child custody cases. Having someone like this on your side, someone who knows how to navigate the legal system is irreplaceable.

Explore Any Contingencies- Sometimes the court will place certain stipulations on your ability to regain custody. Your child support lawyer can help you determine whether reinstatement of custody is reliant on any specific actions such as you receiving counseling, drug or alcohol treatment, or attending parenting classes. Whatever conditions the court is requiring, it is best just to take steps toward implementing them instead of arguing over their legitimacy. California courts look favorably on mothers who comply quickly and thoroughly.

Spend Time With Your Child- Be sure to utilize all of your custodial time. This shows the court that you want to spend time with your child. Skipping appointments may give the impression that you are an uninterested parent. Also, make sure you are the one spending time with your child. Avoid leaving your son or daughter with family members or daycare unless it is absolutely necessary.

Be dependable- Show the judge that you are a responsible and dependable parent. Pick your child up on time for all custody sessions, appointments, recreational activities, school, etc.

Keep Detailed Notes- Keep a journal handy and makes notes about when you and your ex-partner have custody. Include things like what you and your child did together and who was present. Also, keep track of when you pay child support, pay for medical expenses, etc.

Do Everything The Court Asks Of You- Be present at every hearing, and try not to reschedule appointments with your child’s guardian or mediator. Make a checklist so you don’t overlook anything the court has requested.

Evaluate Those Closest To You- Never let anyone around your children who could be viewed as dangerous. Keep your distance from anyone with a felony or sexual-related offenses. This includes separating yourself from drug users and drug dealers. Even if your cousin was convicted of drug possession 15 years ago, it’s best to ask her to give you some space until things are settled. It’s also a bad idea to allow new partners to live or even stay overnight with you closely following your separation.

Drive Safely- Make sure your child is always buckled up or in safely strapped into a car seat. Closely follow all driving regulations. Do not speed or drive recklessly. Tickets are never fun, but it can be very detrimental to your case to receive on while your child is in the car with you.

Keep Your Home Safe- Look around your house for potential hazards. Lock any weapons away, or keep remove them from the house entirely. Keep household cleaners, pesticides, and any other dangerous chemicals out of young children’s reach. Keep alcohol or prescription medicine in a place that won’t temp teenagers looking to experiment.

Focus On Housekeeping- Your home doesn’t have to be clutter-free, but it does have to be safe and sanitary.

Inappropriate Behavior- It goes without saying that you should never leave young children alone. Neither is allowing unnecessary people access to your home. Do not let friends crash on your couch, throw large parties, or place spending quality time with your new love interest above your children. Stay away from any gathering where alcohol and illegal drugs are likely to be present Remember; your child is absorbing everything they see and hear.

Sexual appropriateness- Even the most innocent of intentions could be twisted into something inappropriate For this reason; it is best to avoid letting your child sleep with you in your bed, bathing with your child, or being naked in front of your child whenever possible.

No Corporeal Punishment- Even though you may have spanked your child in the past, that must stop now. Do not use physical punishment of any kind. Always calm down and choose your words wisely. Berating or harshly criticizing your child will be viewed as emotional abuse.

Get Involved- Attend parent-teacher conferences, sports games, music recitals, and other events important to your child. Let others see you are making a solid effort to be the best parent possible. Not only will this strengthen your relationship with your child, any people seeing you could serve as character witnesses in the future.

Request An Evaluation. After discussing things with your family attorney and once you’ve begun completing any court-required steps, request an in-home child custody evaluation. This allows the judge to get a current assessment of your home, which could help you regain custody.

Losing custody of your child may seem like the end of the world, but don’t lose hope. These tips can help you form a strategy for your child custody case. Of course, every case is different, and the best strategy is one that is personalized to your unique situation.

Consider consulting with John Griffith, San Elijo Hills divorce lawyer, as early as possible to get the best advice on how to prepare for your custody case and regain custody of your child. 858-345-1720

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