Divorce App Promises Painless Divorce

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Do you need to get a divorce? You might see this answer coming from a mile away: There’s an app for that.

Michelle Crosby, who once practiced family law, founded Wevorce in 2012.

The business is based in Boise, Idaho, and the app promises an easy path to a collaborative divorce, according to a Slate article. The app’s Web-based platform allows couples to work together to determine how assets will be split, and figure out how to co-parent. Its goal is to ensure that neither party is too disappointed once the divorce papers are signed.

It’s also cheaper than a traditional divorce. Wevorce’s services start at $749 and average between $7,000 and $15,000 to complete a divorce. “The average cost of a divorce in the U.S. is $27,000,” according to the Slate article.

Wevorce is available nationwide and those who use it have access to a network of 600 attorneys, counselors and financial professionals nationwide who can assist throughout the process.

“We’ve created a standardized process that walks a family through all the steps involved in divorce including the legal pieces, a lot of the emotional and relationship pieces, and the financial pieces,” Crosby told the Wall Street Journal in 2013.

Divorce lawyer John Griffith applauds the concept, and said it can be a good option for divorcing couples who are parting on good terms. However, the app isn’t a good fit for everyone.

“Some couples are so angry and unable to communicate with each other, they’re just destined to duke it out in court,” Griffith said.

Other couples simply aren’t comfortable turning to faceless technology for something as significant as a divorce. You might take comfort in learning that opting for a family law expert doesn’t have to mean that it’s going to cost significantly more to achieve single status once again.

“Going through mediation is a great option for many divorcing couples,” Griffith said. “The more issues you can resolve outside the courtroom, the lower your attorney costs will be.”

Mediation also helps keep the negative emotional impact at a minimum.

A family law attorney can help you prepare for mediation, as well as assist in the mediation process. During mediation, an impartial person works with you and your spouse to come to an agreement you both can accept. The process helps you talk through issues so you can settle any disputes.

“A mediator won’t force either side to agree to something,” Griffith said. “Even if you can’t ultimately reach an agreement through mediation, all is not lost. Reaching an agreement even on just a few issues still is a success.”

With those issues out of the way, you and your attorney can focus on the unresolved areas in which a judge will have to make a decision.

Going through mediation also helps you prepare yourself for trial in the event that an agreement isn’t reached.

Another option that may be less expensive than a conventional divorce is collaborative divorce. In this process, you and your spouse negotiate and reach an agreement with the help of lawyers who advise and assist along the way.

In this scenario, the divorcing couple typically signs a contract stating they agree not to go to court.

If a settlement isn’t reached, the lawyers withdraw from the case and you must get a new lawyer or represent yourself, according to the California Courts website.