Five Benefits of Being a Single Parent

San Diego, CA – National Single Parent’s Day just passed on March 21st. As the demographic of those raising children alone grows, single parents are finding many benefits to their lifestyle.

You’re the King (or Queen) of Your Castle

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San Diego family attorney John Griffith explains, “When you’re the only parent in the house, your rules are the rules. You and your spouse don’t have to fight for authority when you have differing opinions, and your children get a consistent sense of what’s acceptable in your house and what isn’t.”

Solo Bonding Time

Ever wish you could spend more time with your child? Now’s the chance! Whenever your child is at your house, you have important one-on-one bonding time. This enables you to focus on your child instead of being more distracted, allowing a stronger bond to form between you both.

Raising a Responsible Child

Single parenting isn’t always ideal, but it does help you show your child a successful role model who can balance parenting with a full schedule. Your child will see that anything, including single parenting, can be done when you set your mind to it.

Additionally, since you may need more help around the house than before, you can give your child tasks and chores that can help her gain a strong sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

Less In-House Drama

Whether you and your spouse fought occasionally or endlessly, your child no longer has to be witness to the arguments. A stable, calmer environment (or two, if you and your spouse share custody) is likely better for your child overall.

“Two peaceful households are better than one chaotic one,” notes Griffith. “Hopefully your child will no longer have to hear the arguments you and your spouse or his family had before.”

More Time for You

Finally, you may find you have more time for yourself. While it may seem ironic, you will only have to concern yourself with your and your child’s needs. Perhaps you spent more time working on your spouse’s wants than your own. And if you have joint custody, any time your former spouse has the child, you have all that time to yourself to pursue whatever it is you’d like to do.

In the Long Run

With so many single parents raising children these days, the situation has become incredibly normalized. While there are certainly challenges to this time, don’t overlook the benefits that go along with it as well. Ultimately, it provides you and your children with the opportunity for tranquility you may not have experienced before.

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