Get Your Dog and Daughters Out of My House! Pam Anderson Update

Pam Anderson’s divorce is getting ugly. She wants Rick, his kids, and the dog out….STAT. However, according to California divorce law this might not be as easy as she thinks.

According to an article by TMZ, Pam Anderson has demanded that husband Rick Salomon get is daughters, Hunter and Tyson (16 and 18) and his dog, Bumblebee out of her house immediately. The TMZ source reported that when Rick begged Pam to give them a week or 2 to find a new place she refused.

So what does California law say about Pam’s demand?

According to California family law, so long as they have lived at Pam’s place prior to the break-up, Rick and his daughters are considered to be tenants. Further, because Pam and Rick are married, the home is considered to be the marital residence. You can’t just kick your husband to the curb and force him to move out—without a court order. If Pam wants Rick and his kids out of the house, and he won’t agree to move, out then she is going to have to take legal action. In the context of her divorce case, her legal option is to request an order for “exclusive use and possession” of the marital residence.

When an order requesting exclusive use and possession of a marital residence is requested, the divorce court judge will determine which spouse should remain in the marital residence according to the particular circumstances of the case. What will most likely be most relevant to a determination in Pam Anderson’s case is whether Pam owns the house as her separate property. If this is the case, and Rick is able financially to get a place of his own, then Pam will most likely prevail here. In a traditional divorce case wherein the parties co-own the marital residence relevant factors that the Court may look at are: which party can afford to pay the mortgage; which party has primary custody of the children of the marriage; whether or not there has been domestic violence, etc…

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