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Carlsbad, CA – We’ve all heard the discouraging numbers on second and third marriages; the odds of divorce increase with each prospective marriage.

Remarriage to an Ex-Spouse Carlsbad
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However, there is an interesting phenomenon that is rarely spoken of. It seems, remarriage to an ex-spouse is less susceptible to dissolution, according to Professor Kalish of California State University. She surveyed just over a thousand divorced couples globally. Only six percent of them remarried one of their ex-spouses, but amongst these—about seventy percent remained married to that person thereafter. Those are very strong numbers in a deck stacked against the odds of successful secondary or tertiary marriages.

Why Might Remarriage to an Ex-Spouse be More Successful

After the dissolution of one marriage, it is not uncommon for people to jump right into dating and get re-married relatively soon–within several years. While the occasional joke may be uttered about rebound relationships, no one really bats an eyelash at the idea of seeking marital bliss once again with a different spouse. On some level, there is an idea that if it did not work out with one partner, that spouse simply was not the right person.

However, there is a bit of a social stigma and even self-doubt when deciding to re-commit or even simply reconsider an old flame for anything more than an occasional meeting.

Perhaps this stigma forces people to really consider with a certain sober mind, whether the relationship is truly desirable, instead of simply entering into it for meeting emotional needs, as is common in other romantic partnerings. After the ultimate failure of divorce, these couples are also likely to accept professional help–such as counseling, which can be a fantastic asset to relationship problem solving.

Also, the main contentions and conflicts within such a relationship are already known and exposed. Those can be disagreements about finances, child rearing, or cultural variables. Being aware of these factors gives the partners a framework of what to work on from the very start. This kind of preparedness, along with communication, greatly cuts down on the possibility of unspoken differences snowballing into huge fights. It also gives the couple space to work through their issues proactively–instead of defensively doing damage control.

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