How to Choose a Family Law Attorney

Hire an attorney that practices primarily in Family Law and Divorce

Family law is such a specialized field with so many moving parts.  You want to hire a family lawyer that focuses on family law and divorce.  He or she will, in more cases than not, have a better handle on the law and procedure in family court.  They will also most likely have better relationships with other family lawyers and judges that may be involved in your case.

Check online reviews

In the age of the internet, you can learn a lot about what to expect from a service provider by simply running a quick Google search.  Before you hire your divorce attorney, check him/her out online.  You may save yourself a lot of time and money by moving on from an attorney that has a history of unhappy clients.

Evaluate the Initial Consultation

You want to hire an attorney that is responsive to your needs and willing and able to answer your questions.  Your initial consultation is your one chance to interview your divorce lawyer for a job.  A good divorce lawyer will be willing to discuss your case in at least some detail prior to making you pull out your checkbook.  Feel free to ask s few specific questions about your case and see what kind of answer you get.  You will learn quickly whether you have an attorney that is competent, but you will also learn whether you have an attorney that is greedy.

Hire an attorney that you trust

This is most important.  You have to be able to trust your divorce lawyer.  If you do not trust the advice that your attorney gives you, then you may as well not hire him at all.  Your lawyer should have a plan for your case that you believe in.  If not, then you need to hire someone that will come up with a plan for your case that you will buy into and support 100%.  Not all divorce lawyers practice in the same manner.  There are many different styles to the practice of law.  If you want a shark then hire a shark.  If not then stay away from the overly aggressive attorney–they cost a lot of money.

Hire an attorney that you like

You may very well be working with your divorce attorney for over a year.  You will probably talk to him at least twice a month if not more than that for a significant period of time.  You are also trusting him with your life, your money, and relationship with your children.  You probably don’t want to hire someone that makes your skin crawl.  Keep in mind, if he seems sleazy to you he probably seems sleazy to others.