Jeremy Renner Divorce Sheds Light on Celebrity Divorce Issues

San Diego, CA – Jeremy Renner’s wife, Soni Pacheco is asking the court to award her primary physical custody of their 22-month old daughter claiming among other things that Renner’s house is unsafe for the child. In an extensive declaration filed with family court, Pacheco claims that Renner has a gun collection out in the open, and that the pool in the backyard is not properly fenced.

Renner and Pacheco split in December of 2014 and since their separation have share joint 50/50 physical custody. The fact that Pacheco was okay with a 50/50 custody plan prior to recent proceedings may weigh heavily on the family court when deciding on whether or not the concerns are legitimate.

In connection with her child custody request, Pacheco is also asking the court for an increase in child support claiming that Jeremy has the ability to pay more to help support their child. She is also requesting $75K in attorney’s fees.

“It may very well be the case that a change in the custody arrangement is warranted in the Renner case. However, this wouldn’t be the first time that I have seen a parent seek more custody with the aim of obtaining an increase or decrease in the amount of child support ordered,” says John Griffith, a San Diego divorce lawyer. “Unfortunately, the best interests of the children is often overlooked when substantial amounts of money are on the line.”

According to TMZ, “Sources connected with Jeremy grouse he’s given Sonni everything she’s asked for and this is just a ploy to make what should be a simple divorce very expensive.” In fact they were just married in January of 2014 for a marriage of under a year. Pacheco claims that Renner made $3.5 million in 2014.

According to California law, Pacheco is entitled to half of everything acquired during the one year marriage as well as a child support order based on a formula that considers Renner’s average monthly income and the amount of timeshare that he has with their daughter. She may also be entitled to spousal support for about 6 months–of course this assumes that Renner doesn’t have a valid prenuptial agreement. In fact Pacheco claims that there is a prenuptial agreement, but that the agreement is invalid because it’s “based on fraud” as reported by Inquisitr News source.

It will be interesting to see how this case unfolds especially with Renner’s new blockbuster, Avengers: Age of Ultron set to release in May.