Divorce and Family Attorneys

La Jolla Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyers

A divorce is an extremely difficult process for the whole family, but an experienced divorce attorney can make it as smooth as possible. That’s why so many residents of San Diego County have turned to the Family Law Firm of Griffith, Young & Lass, APC. for divorce services and many other family law-related matters.

Griffith, Young & Lass practices exclusively in the area of Family Law, providing a full range of family law and divorce services in La Jolla and throughout the Greater San Diego County. Services include drafting and negotiating Prenuptial Agreements, and negotiating or litigating Child Support and Child Custody, as well as Spousal Support.  We also have extensive experience and knowledge in dividing assets and debts incident to divorce. We provide services related to Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, whether Temporary or Permanent.

We even provide Mediation Services.  If you and your spouse would like to have impartial mediation that can help you part ways quickly and quietly and create a parenting plan more peacefully, Griffith, Young & Lass is the La Jolla family law firm that can help.

Our local La Jolla Divorce Attorney, Dan McCandless, Esq., makes your family the priority and keeps you informed of all progress throughout your case. Dan is one of our most experienced divorce attorneys and makes regular appearances in all Family Law courtrooms throughout San Diego County. Dan has familiarity with local family law judges and can often predict how they will apply the law in a given case. This edge helps us achieve the best results for your case — and we have obtained excellent outcomes for hundreds of clients while keeping in mind their budget and best interests.

To schedule your initial consultation with one of our La Jolla Divorce Lawyers or to consult to us about any family law matter, call Griffith, Young & Lass at 858-999-0193.