Little Known Fact: There are Three Options for Child Support Payments in the State of California

San Diego, CA – Divorce is never an easy time, and it can be exacerbated when child support payments are added to the mix. Many recipients of child support wonder if they have to come into contact with their ex to receive their allotted money each month. The answer is no, according to San Diego divorce attorney John Griffith.

Child Support CA

Griffith of Griffith, Young, and Lass in San Diego says that there are several options for receiving payments as per California Family Law. Fortunately, none of them involve a cash handoff or contact of any kind between payor and payee.

“Knowing that there are child support options should help to make the process easier for all involved, including the children,” Griffith said.

Paid Directly to the Court

While the person receiving child support has several options to choose from, the person paying only has one option. To remain current, the party ordered to pay support would need to send his or her payments to the State Disbursement Unit,” Griffith says. From there, the payments would be sent out to the appropriate parties. This is ideal for the person ordered to pay because the payments are sent to the same location each month. In some cases, the payments are garnished from a paycheck or bank account.

Griffith says that having payments sent to the SDU makes it easier for the state to track and verify that payments have been received on time.

Three Options to Receive Child Support

Once the money has been sent to the SDU, the recipient of the California child support payment has three options to choose from when it comes to collecting.

Option 1

The first option is the simplest and involves a check being mailed from the bank directly to the recipient. The benefits of this option, according to Griffith, include the fact that it’s reliable and doesn’t rely on technology in order for the recipient to be paid.

The drawbacks to a bank-mailed check include the fact that it needs to be cashed before the money can be spent and some banks require a waiting period before the check can be cleared.

Option 2

The second option to pay child support in California is to use an EPC or Electronic Payment Card. Just like your standard debit card, an EPC card can be swiped and used at any gas station, grocery store or anywhere else that accepts debit and credit cards.

Child support payments will be sent to the SDU, and then the money will be transferred automatically to the card. This is beneficial because the recipient won’t have to worry about using cash and the card is used everywhere. As a drawback, you could lose the card and have to wait for a replacement before the child support funds can be spent.

Option 3

California Family Law also makes use of Direct Deposit to make child support payments. Once the payments have been submitted, the SDU will send the money to a specified bank account with an electronic payment. When the payment clears, the money will be in the account and can be spent using a check or debit card, or the funds can be withdrawn as cash.

The benefits of Direct Deposit is the immediacy of the payment,” says Griffith. He adds that there aren’t too many drawbacks to this method, as it’s just like getting paid from an employer.

Griffith adds that child support is necessary to help children adapt and maintain the same quality of life as they did when the married couple was together. The California law system is set up to make the process as straightforward and amicable as possible for everyone affected by the divorce.

To learn more about paying child support in California, contact San Diego Family Attorney John Griffith of Griffith, Young & Lass in San Diego, California.

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