Mark Sanford Divorce Highlights the Benefits of Mediation

There is a saying among lawyers that criminal lawyers deal with bad people on their best behavior, while family lawyers deal with good people on their worst behavior.

Current U.S. Congressman and former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford might place his ex-wife Jenny in the latter category, given recent news of their squabbling over parenting issues and other concerns. Sanford even penned a 2,346-word Facebook post to publicly share his ongoing battle with his ex.

Thankfully, it appears the Sanfords have agreed to mediation in an effort to resolve their differences.

Mediation is a great tool that can achieve results more quickly than if you take your case to court. It also can save you money, says San Diego divorce attorney John Griffith.

The benefits don’t end there.

1. You’re in the driver’s seat.

The two parties involved in the mediation are responsible for making the decisions, whereas you essentially place your fate in the judge’s hands in the courtroom.

2. It paves the way for continuing the relationship.

This is particularly important when children are involved. Mark and Jenny Sanford have four children, so keeping conflict to a minimum for the sake of those children likely is a priority.

3. People are happier with the results.

Those who go through mediation tend to be more willing to uphold the agreement because it’s an agreement they actively participated in reaching. Mediations end in agreement 70-80 percent of the time and have high rates of compliance, according to the American Bar Association.

4. Keep your personal business private.

Court cases typically become part of the public record, but mediation tends to be kept confidential. Mediation doesn’t involve the use of or need for records and transcripts. Sometimes this alone is reason enough for people to choose mediation instead of filing a lawsuit.

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