Marry a Walmart Heiress and You May Cash In If You Get a Divorce

Husband of Walmart Heiress, Paige Laurie, Requests Huge Spousal Support Order

Paige Laurie and Patrick Dubbert are divorcing after less than 6 years of marriage. They have no children but Dubbert is seeking financial support from Laurie claiming that he had grown accustomed to the high end lifestyle lived during the marriage.

According to TMZ, Dubbert is requesting “around a quarter of a million bucks a month to keep the yacht afloat.” Apparently since the couple split, Dubbert has been forced to live in an apartment in Santa Monica rather than the $11 million marital home. He needs the money from Laurie so that he can continue to maintain the marital lifestyle. According to court documents Dubbert claims to need $40K to $60K per month to rent a suitable home, $6,700 per month to hire a personal chef, $4K per month to hire a driver, and $1K per month for a personal stylist among other luxury expenses. Dubbert’s stated monthly budget is just over $400K.

Dubbert claims that during the marriage he worked for Laurie’s company and needs some time to get back on his feet. He claims that Paige earns about $872K a month just from investments alone so she can afford to help him out.

These requests may seem outlandish, but believe it or not, according to California law, Dubbert isn’t necessarily barking up the wrong tree.

According to current California law, the purpose of spousal support is to ensure that the standard of living lived during the marriage is maintained by both parties to the extent that is possible. The higher wage earner is generally on the hook for spousal support and the lower wage earner is put on notice that he or she has an obligation to work hard to become self-supporting within a reasonable time.

When the divorce court judge looks at the Paige and Patrick’s case, the judge will consider the lifestyle that the parties enjoyed during the marriage. This includes the lavish $500K yacht parties and $30K per month vacation budget. The judge will also determine whether or not Patrick has the ability to maintain this lifestyle on his own. If he cannot then the judge will determine Paige’s ability to contribute her income to Patrick as a spousal support order.

There are many other facts that will become relevant as this case progresses. For instance, absent a prenuptial agreement, if Paige acquired income-producing investments and property during the marriage subject to division as part of the divorce, Patrick will receive his share and thus have his own source of income from which to support his lavish lifestyle.  Patrick has obviously hired a California divorce lawyer that knows what he or she is doing.  Whether you think what he is doing is right or wrong, I’m sure his answer would be simple, “the law is the law.”