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A Paternity Action is a child custody and/or child support action brought between non-married parents of a child.

Whether you are a father seeking to prove paternity of your child or a mother seeking a child support order from the alleged father of your child, the paternity and child custody lawyers at Griffith, Young & Lass can help.

A paternity action is always a non-divorce action brought by an unmarried parent in order to establish a child support or child custody order or both. Paternity actions may or may not force a paternity test to be taken depending on whether one of the parents contests the paternity of the child.

Paternity law in California is complex and ever evolving. There are many laws that have the result of divesting biological parents from parental rights merely because they waited to long to assert them. Further, there are laws that prevent a non-biological parent from contesting paternity after a certain amount of time has passed since the birth of the child.

If you are mother seeking to establish paternity of your child’s father, a father seeking parental rights, or a purported father seeking a DNA test to obtain the truth as to whether or not you have fathered a child, it is very important that you understand your legal rights before it is too late to assert them.

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