Pop Culture’s Recent Example of How to Act After Divorce

In this crazy pop culture world where Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have made headlines for their Kanye and Kardashian feuds, it may come as a surprise that they’re earning respect for their actions toward each other following their divorce.

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Khalifa and Rose married in July 2013 and Rose filed for divorce a year later, citing irreconcilable differences. They finalized their divorce in June 2016.

The couple has a son, 3-year-old Sebastian, and their path to friendly co-parenting got off to a messy start. During the early days of their separation, both made cheating accusations against the other, and there were threats of a custody battle.

Cooler heads eventually prevailed.

“The fact that there was a prenuptial agreement may have had something to do with the eventual amicable divorce agreement,” says John Griffith, who did not represent either party in their divorce.

Griffith lists their ability to help keep divorces from becoming contentious as one of the many benefits of prenuptial agreements. Although a prenuptial agreement cannot define decisions related to child support and child custody, it can outline things such as property division, management of household bills and costs, spousal support, and how potential disagreements will be settled, such as going through mediation or arbitration.

The prenuptial agreement between Khalifa and Rose stated that Amber would receive $1 million if their marriage ended. Their divorce agreement also stated that Rose will receive $14,800 per month in child support, and they will share legal and physical custody of their son, according to E! Online.

After their initial sniping at each other, Khalifa and Rose eventually came around.

The night before their divorce was finalized, Khalifa and Rose were spotted together at a strip club. Later on social media, Rose wrote: “Too much fun with my Ex hubby last night & no we didn’t celebrate our divorce we celebrated our love 4 each other cuz that never goes away.”

“Me and Wiz have an amazing relationship,” Rose told E! News. “We co-parent very well, we both love our son.”

They continue to support each other personally and professionally. Rose attended Khalifa’s album listening party earlier this year, and she routinely posts photos and videos of Khalifa spending time with Sebastian.

These two show that divorce doesn’t have to be ugly.

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