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Child Custody Move-Away Cases In San Diego County, California

Commonly referred to as a “move-away request,” a motion to allow the change of residence of minor children to a new county or state is one of the most vigorously litigated issues in California family law. Unless there is an agreement between the parties to the contrary, if one parent wishes to change the residence of the children, they must request a family court to allow the move.

Removal of minor children absent an agreement or court order is considered child abduction and could subject the parent to criminal charges and loss of custody.

California law regarding move-away cases highly favors allowing the move so long as it is the primary custodial parent seeking the move. The overarching consideration in these cases is always going to be the best interests of the children.

However, due to constitutional considerations, the court must consider the fact that the custodial parent has the absolute right to move and the court cannot impede this right by disallowing the move with the children, assuming that given the denial the parent will end up forgoing the move.

Given the current state of the law in move-away cases, the real decision the court must make is this: Is it better for the children to move with the requesting parent resulting in a long-distance relationship with the other parent or is it better for the court to change custody to the non-custodial parent, thereby creating a scenario where the children will have a long-distance relationship with the moving parent?

Move-away cases are often emotionally charged and require the expertise of a legal specialist. At Griffith, Young & Lass, we have two certified family law specialists on staff and an entire team of talented lawyers who can help you resolve your move-away case as peacefully and favorably as possible.

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Legal Analysis In Move-Away Cases

The legal analysis in a move away case is as follows:

  • It is presumed to be in the best interest of the children to move with the custodial parent so as to maintain stability in the current custodial arrangement.
  • The noncustodial parent contesting the move has the burden to prove that allowing the children to move would be detrimental to the children.

In evaluating whether or not the move would, in fact, be detrimental enough to warrant denial of the move-away request, the family court judge will weigh the following factors:

  • The distance of the move.
  • The age and wishes of the child.
  • The connections to the community including school, friends, family, and extracurricular activities.
  • How the current custodial arrangement will be changed as a result of the move.
  • Whether or not there is significant animosity between the parents that may affect the fostering of a relationship with the other parent.
  • The purpose of the move if the court finds that the move is in bad faith and meant to take the child away from the other parent.
  • Any other facts that are relevant to the best interest analysis.

Whether you are requesting a move-away or contesting a move-away, you are in for the fight of your life. You absolutely need to understand the best approach to what you are dealing with, as the court’s decision could impact your relationship with your children. If you are considering a move or if you have been served a motion and wish to contest a move-away, you need a family lawyer who understand how to handle the case.

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