Some Hotels Seek to Play Important Roles in Salvaging, Ending Marriages

Divorce HotelAre you considering divorce? Perhaps you should sleep on it first – preferably at a property owned by the Countryside Hotels Group in Sweden.

This hotel chain recently announced its “relationship guarantee” on mini-vacations at its hotels. If you and your spouse stay at the hotel and then divorce within a year, the chain will reimburse the cost of a two-night stay, according to a BBC report.

How’s that for a money-back guarantee?

A trip such as this could be just what the marriage counselor ordered for rekindling old feelings and rediscovering the things that made you fall in love with each other back in the day.

The offer has been well-received so far, says Chief Marketing Officer Anna Madsen.

Cynics may argue that this is an easy way for a couple whose relationship is on the skids to squeeze in a free vacation. Perhaps, but first they should read the fine print to be sure this vacation is endurable.

Couples who wish to take part in the offer must be married and stay in the same room. That might be a tall order for those whose relationship already is rocky. They also must reference the relationship guarantee when booking, the BBC article states. If they wind up getting a divorce within the next 12 months and wish to claim their refund, they must present their final divorce decree as evidence.

This offer is perhaps a kinder, gentler twist on another concept that has earned media attention over the past five years: Divorce Hotel. This isn’t where you come to patch things up. Instead, you might check in on a Friday, meet with mediators and independent lawyers throughout the weekend, and then “check out on Sunday, divorce papers in hand, all for a flat fee,” reports The New York Times.

The cost is between $7,500 and $12,500. In addition to the divorce help, the couple also gets access to a five-star hotel’s high-end facilities including spa treatments and fine dining, according to the Daily Mail.

Divorce Hotel International is the Dutch company behind the concept. It operates in six hotels in Holland, one in Britain, and one in New York. Plans are underway to offer this concept at hotels in Los Angeles and Miami.

Although these options are creative and may sound enticing, it’s important to remember that they may not work for everyone. Marriages in which businesses, properties and children are involved may require more than a weekend in Sweden to repair, or more than a weekend in New York at the Divorce Hotel to neatly untie the knot.

But going the conventional route doesn’t have to be costly if the divorcing couple is on civil terms.

There are ways to cut divorce costs, but hiring a divorce attorney should be viewed as a calculated investment. Keep in mind that going the divorce attorney route might get your divorce finalized faster because you’ll be working with a professional who knows the ropes.

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