Studies Show Fathers Are Spending More Time on Child Care

Leucadia Lawyer Discusses Fathers and Child Care
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Leucadia, CA – When most people think about child rearing, the mother’s role often comes to mind first. However, fathers are taking a more active approach to parenting these days. In fact, a new study published by the Pew Research Center notes that fathers are becoming increasingly involved in their children’s lives.

Del Mar family attorney John Griffith explains, “California law favors what’s called best interest of the child. Contrary to what some may think, custody is awarded irrespective the parent’s gender. That means if placement with the father is better for the child, the father would be granted custody.”

The Changing Nature of Fatherhood in the United States

The Pew Research study conducted in July 2017 found the following:

  • Fatherhood is an enormous part of men’s identity. Nearly half (46%) of fathers found their child-rearing duties primarily positive (compared to 41% of their female counterparts). More and more men now consider fatherhood an integral part of who they are, at rates comparable to mothers.
  • Dads are much more involved in parenting than in the past, yet are still critical of themselves. Compared to data from 1965, fathers report spending about seven hours a week strictly on childcare. This is a threefold increase from the 1965 numbers. Even so, men still opine that they’d like to spend more time with their children, and only 39% say they do a “very good job” parenting, as opposed to about 51% of mothers.
  • Men still face an uphill battle when it comes to perception of parenting. Despite changing trends, slightly more than half of Americans still argue that a mother’s care is best for newborns. This is even when breastfeeding is taken out of the equation. While a full 45% of Americans say both genders do equally well parenting, only 1% feel fathers do a better job.
  • Newborn bonding is perceived as equally important for both parents. Approximately 70% of those surveyed felt that it’s best for both parents to bond with their infant. 25% felt a mother’s bonding is carries more importance, and just 2% believe that a father’s role in bonding is more important.

It’s clear that fathers still have a ways to go in the public’s perception of parenting. However, it seems there is a positive trend in terms of fathers’ increased role in their children’s lives.

If you’re concerned about child custody or other issues pertaining to the father’s rights, it’s necessary to contact experienced family law attorneys to ensure that you’re as prepared as possible for your court case.

The bright side is: Your rights as a father do extend far beyond just custody and child support payments. Working with good legal counsel can help you find out more.

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