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Financial support in the context of divorce and family law in California refers to either child support or spousal support (otherwise known as alimony). Both parents have a legal obligation to provide for the financial support of their children. Higher wage earners during the marriage generally have an added obligation to provide for the additional financial support of his or her ex-spouse.

Financial support issues can often be the most litigated issues in California divorce cases. The party obligated to pay support often seeks a lower support obligation while the party seeking support wants to maximize the level of support. The most responsible way to handle support cases is to figure out what the law says you are entitled to or have to pay, and agree to that amount.

Problems arise when the parties are either not honest with one another or with themselves for that matter regarding what the legal level of support should be.

The most important thing to note when going facing the litigation of a child support or spousal support issue is that a legal obligation is not necessarily going to feel fair. In fact, it is rare that we see a case where either party is happy with the amount of support either settled or ordered.

Child support and spousal support orders can be modified whenever there is a change in circumstances. The experienced Carlsbad divorce lawyers at Griffith Young & Lass can help you understand your rights on spousal support and child support issues.

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