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Tameka Harris File for Divorce from Rapper T.I.

TI DivorceIt hasn’t been a good couple of months for reality television show power couples. We recently wrote about the divorce plans for Flip or Flop costars Tarek and Christina El Moussa. Now it’s a marital K.O. for rapper T.I. and his wife of six years, Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

Harris filed for divorce from T.I., whose legal name is Clifford Harris Jr., on Dec. 7 after more than six years of marriage. She claims the marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation. They have three children together.

The family starred in the VH1 reality show “T.I.& Tiny: The Family Hustle” for five seasons between 2011 and 2015.

The divorce complaint outlines the following requests from Harris, according to an NBC affiliate in Atlanta, where the couple lives:

  • She reserves her request for the final disposition of said real properties.
  • She asks that T.I. provide a full accounting of their money and investment accounts of all types.
  • She requests an equitable division of properties, money and investment accounts of all types, automobiles, retirement accounts and benefits.

Harris is asking for temporary and permanent primary physical custody of the children, as well as child support and spousal support.

“The Plaintiff is entitled to temporary and permanent alimony from Defendant in an amount consistent with the parties’ standard of living,” court documents state.

Court documents also reveal that Harris is asking that T.I. pay for attorney fees and litigation costs, and to assume all responsibility for any debt the two of them have, since he has “high earning ability,” according to NBC.

In the court documents, Harris states that she believes she and T.I. can mutually divide their personal property and furniture. If they can’t mutually agree, she states she will provide a list of the items she wants.

Divorce rumors have plagued the couple off and on for years. In a 2014 interview on The Wendy Williams Show, she addressed them. At that time, she said although they argue, they remain together.

“We’re normal, you know,” Harris said during the interview. “We go through the same things that every [married couple] goes through.”

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