The Reasons Why Most Marriages Fall Apart

San Diego, CA – When a marriage ends, it may be for any number of reasons. Couples choose to divorce over issues small and large, and each situation is as unique as the individuals who comprise the couple. However, there are some common trends across many divorces.

Marriages Fall Apart

Slater & Gordon, a UK-based law firm, conducted an interview of 1000 divorcees in an effort to determine commonalities of why marriages fall apart. The top ten reasons, in order of most to least prevalent, are:


1.) Infidelity: Perhaps unsurprisingly, this ranked as the top reason for couples to break up.

2.) Unhappiness: While no couple is happy 100% of the time, if it’s ongoing and intense, it might be better for the individuals to go their separate ways.

3.) Arguments: Though no one can see eye to eye in every situation, escalating or increasing amounts of fighting can be tiresome and unhealthy. If there are children involved, frequent heated arguments can be extremely stressful and have lasting effects. While many couples try to stay together for the sake of their children, that’s not always the best option.

4.) Falling out of love: Love is a complex emotion that is best defined by feeling. While some people prefer companionship over being “in love,” others can’t imagine being in such a marriage.

5.) Lack of communication: If, despite various attempts, the couple just can’t communicate like they used to, this could lead to an irreversible breakdown.

6.) Different wants: Over time, people decide they want or need different things. While this often causes no problems, issues like careers and children can cause complexities in a marriage the couple didn’t intend.

7.) Changes: The adage the only thing constant is change might be true, but it can provoke irreconcilable differences in a couple. After many years together, some people feel that they are no longer married to their original partner and this perception can lead to the marriage ending.

8.) Not feeling like partners: What once started as a team effort has now devolved into two people living under the same roof but more apart than together.

9.) Abuse: Sadly, abuse and neglect are a common reason for divorce. In situations like these, it’s essential to call for help immediately, especially if children are involved.

10.) Money problems: Finally, financial concerns round out the researchers’ list. California law has various distinctions of property in divorce cases, so it’s important to know who is entitled to what assets.

A Final Word

No matter the reason, divorce is never a simple process, says San Diego-based family law attorney John Griffith. “No matter what your situation, we at Griffith, Young and Lass are here to assist you to achieve the most amenable outcome possible. As each situation is completely different, we encourage you to come into our office to consult with expert divorce attorneys. We will always do our utmost to assist you during this difficult time.”

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