The Top 5 Questions to Ask During a Divorce Consultation

Divorce Lawyer Consultation

Carlsbad, CA – There are particular questions clients need to ask their divorce lawyer to determine if he or she will be the best fit for their situation. There are, of course, others they should ask, but we’re providing these guidelines as a starting point. Once clients are satisfied with their answers to these questions, they can start asking more specific ones before making their decision.

Question #1: Do you handle family law and divorce cases exclusively?
This is important because lawyers who practice many different types of law are sometimes less dedicated to divorce cases. Attorneys who practice divorce and family law exclusively are typically more focused and have more knowledge of family law. Furthermore, their experience in both family law and the procedures involved are usually higher.

Question #2: How many years have you been practicing family law?
Finding out how long an attorney has practiced law is crucial information. However, this answer is not complete. For the complete picture, the client might want to proceed further. It is also important to learn, for instance, how long the attorney has worked as a divorce attorney or litigator. It is better to ask specific questions rather than general ones. For example, you might ask: How many years of experience do you have in family law?

Question #3: Who will handle the case and how will responsibilities be assigned?
If someone is thinking of hiring a solo practitioner, there will be disadvantages and advantages. The advantage is the attorney at the initial consultation will probably be the only one who represents the client in court. The downside might be that the client seldom converses with the lawyer before court, because the attorney may be dealing with an overload of cases in several courtrooms.

Question #4: How will I be charged?
In California, when attorney fees are expected to exceed a thousand dollars, a written retainer agreement is mandatory that explains what the hourly rate will be and how the fees will be billed. Clients should be told the hourly rate they will be charged, the methods of accepted payment, and the amount of the initial deposit.

Question #5: What forms of communication will be used?
The things the client needs to know are how regularly they’ll hear from the lawyer, how and how often the lawyer will contact them and how soon they can expect a return call or email after leaving a message.

Have more questions? Our family law firm is experienced with all aspects of divorce and post-judgment issues that involve disputes over spousal support or custody. We proudly serve clients in divorce and child custody/support matters throughout San Diego, Carlsbad, and beyond.

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