Carlsbad Family Law Attorneys

Griffith, Young & Lass Mediation Attorneys

Mediation offers a personalized alternative dispute resolution method for divorcing couples looking to resolve their disputes outside of divorce court. For some, mediation can be completed in an afternoon, while for others, it may be broken up over a few months, depending on the couple’s needs, goals, and preferences.

At Griffith, Young & Lass, our mediation attorneys charge a flat fee – most couples will split mediation costs 50/50. We also work to give our clients a clear sense of what to expect from the mediation process right from the start. We use our divorce litigation experience to help inform our mediation services, helping clients with everything from property division to child custody mediation.

Our family law mediators are invested in helping clients resolve their divorce disputes successfully and without going to court. If you are considering mediation, reach out to our Carlsbad family law firm for help.