What are Divorcing Couples Fighting Over in 2018?

Spousal Conflicts in La Jolla
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La Jolla, CA – Going through a divorce is a trying time that can test couples’ patience and kindness toward each other.
A recent internet search revealed some common topics over which divorcing couples are fighting in 2018. Here’s a roundup of the most interesting ones we found.


The fact that most financial advisors don’t recommend investing in digital currency hasn’t stopped people from doing it. Those actions have resulted in new business for divorce lawyers, according to a Business Insider article that mentioned a UK-based law firm that is advising on three divorce cases involving cryptocurrency. One case involves about about $843,000 in cryptocurrency.

Frozen Embryos

We wrote about the fate of embryos in 2016, and this topic has only become more popular since then as more couples turn to science for help having children.
The issue sometimes arises when a couple is going through a divorce and one of them wants to take ownership of the embryos to have more children down the road. In many situations, courts have ruled that “one spouse cannot compel the other to become a parent against their will,” according to a Bravo article.


Of all the things to squabble over in a divorce, this one might seem the most trivial. Yet, there’s a Reddit thread where a user explains that he’s been locked out of his Netflix account by his soon-to-be-ex, and after calling the company, learned there is no recourse.
Perhaps if you’ve put a great deal of effort into loading up your personal list in preparation for a rainy weekend of binge-watching, it would strike a nerve for your ex to get custody of the Netflix account in the divorce. Perhaps Netflix will address this dilemma by creating a way to port data from one account to another.

Social Media

We have written for years about how social media can be used against you in family law cases. Divorcing spouses have been known to use their social media accounts as tools for lashing out at each other.
One woman contacted her attorney following her divorce in an attempt to force her ex-husband to stop posting certain photos of their daughter online, according to the Bravo article.
Lots of family lawyers recommend to clients that they deactivate their social media accounts during the divorce process if they can’t commit to not posting unkind things about their spouse.

Nude Selfies

Perhaps we have mobile phones to thank for this one, but more people are less bashful about sharing nude photos of themselves with their partners these days. It isn’t unusual for attorneys to be asked about how to a divorcing spouse can get back those nude images, or at least prevent the soon-to-be ex from posting them publicly.
If you’re going through a divorce and find yourself in arguments about these items, know that you’re not alone. Contact an attorney to assist you in the divorce process. A certified family lawyer can give you useful advice as you navigate through your divorce.
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