What to Do When You’re Pregnant and Divorcing?

Carlsbad, CA – There’s never an ideal time to go through divorce, as the process is harrowing enough. If you’re also pregnant, it might feel like you’ll never make it out alive. However, learning more about local laws and what others have done in your situation can help immensely.

Divorce while pregnant


Prepare Yourself

Before the baby is born, be sure to consult with an experienced family law firm. They can give you the ins and outs of the divorce process and can help you understand the situation fully. When you consult with a lawyer, be sure to go over the following questions:

  • Can we file for divorce if I’m pregnant and the baby isn’t born yet? For example, in California, you can file for divorce at this time, but then you’ll need to wait six months for it to be finalized. Many babies are born during this waiting period, so be aware of mandatory timelines.
  • How will custody and visitation rights work? It is best to work these issues out before the baby is born and the divorce is finalized. Otherwise, you’ll just have to go back to court later to work these guidelines out.
  • Who will pay child support, and how much will it be? Again, it’s good to have this matter settled before the process is over.
  • How will we establish parentage (also called paternity), and what rights and responsibilities will the father have?

You’re Not Alone

Sometimes, even celebrities divorce during pregnancy. Regular people also go through this, and there are now online communities dedicated to helping you get through your pregnancy and divorce. There are discussion boards for mothers going through divorce, sites like Reddit, and blogs about similar experiences. There is ample information for pregnant people and divorce law in California.

A quick online search can help you find resources and local support groups with others in a situation similar to yours. With the internet and social media tools, help is just a click away.

Friends and family can also come out of the woodwork at this time, especially if you reach out. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find some relief and support after reconnecting with your long-lost aunt or cousin.

Take Time for Yourself

While you know that this time will pass, don’t forget to take care of yourself above everything else. Taking a new class, be it cooking or dancing or something online, can open up a world of new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to take a long hot bath or binge-watch your favorite show. When the dust from this time settles, you’ll be able to experience the exciting new time of your infant’s milestones. Remember there is joy ahead of you.

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