When Should You Consider a Collaborative Divorce in California?

Collaborative divorce in San DiegoSan Diego, CA – Most divorces in California are handled through litigation or mediation. While both litigation and mediation divorces have their benefits, some couples opt for a third option. This is where a collaborative divorce comes into play. This newer approach to divorce law is similar to mediation, but it definitely has its differences.

Collaborative Divorces – Working Together

“Collaborative divorce is a respectful and open-minded approach to divorce law that focuses on joint solutions to common problems,” said divorce attorney John Griffith of Griffith, Young, and Lass in San Diego.

During a collaborative divorce, the couple can bypass the courtroom entirely. The goal of collaboration is to avoid going to court by developing an effective relationship with your ex-spouse that enables the two of you to make important decisions jointly.

According to Griffith, “Collaborative divorce is focused on the future. Though the marriage is dissolving, the process is based on the prospect of both parties moving on with their lives, getting a fresh start.

“By encouraging the parties to interact cooperatively, a collaborative divorce ends up not being as mentally or emotionally draining as litigation or mediation, and the process is much easier on any children that may be involved,” Griffith said.

Collaboration is Beneficial to All Involved

Another fundamental difference between collaborative divorces and litigation or mediation is that you are not forced to navigate the complicated matters of family law with just you and your attorney. With collaboration, you get an expanded team of professionals. This gives you more access to information, more guidance from experienced experts, and more transparency as you proceed to the more peaceful ending.

According to Griffith, collaborative divorces are a win-win for all involved.

“Litigation and mediation can sometimes cause tempers to flair. With a collaborative divorce, there is mutual understanding between parents and children, and it’s often easier to move forward once a divorce agreement has been made,” Griffith said.

To learn more about collaborative divorces, contact divorce attorneys Griffith, Young, and Lass in San Diego for a free consultation.

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