Divorce Attorneys


Agreements are Better than Court Battles. We have skilled negotiators that will work hard to settle your case.

Griffith, Young & Lass offers free consultation on and preparation of Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Child Custody Agreements and Marital Settlement Agreements.

There are two ways that disputes are settled in California divorce cases–by agreement or by court order. Parties are free to come to agreements on disputed issues thereby taking control over their family law issues rather than allowing the system to manage their finances and children for them.

Parties to a family law matter can come to agreements in anticipation of future legal marital disputes (prenuptial agreements) or agreements resolving current legal marital disputes (marital settlement agreements). Parties can also come to agreements on specific issues during a divorce without necessarily settling the whole case at once (stipulations).

Regardless of the issue or type of agreement entered into, it is generally always best for all involved to enter into agreements rather than spending thousands of dollars on litigation. Often, the end result after litigation is even worse than what could have been achieved by agreement in the first place even after having paid an attorney to put up a fight.

Amy Lass is our mediation expert and successfully mediates the majority of her divorce cases to final settlement. Check out the details of our mediation process.