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An Overview of Estate Planning Services in Carlsbad

“I’m looking for estate planning services near me, but I don’t know where to turn.” We hear that so often from many of our clients when they call our offices for the first time. If that describes your situation, this isn’t the time to go without an attorney. The experienced attorneys at Griffith, Young, and Lass can help.
Ultimately, everyone ends up with a plan for their estate. It’s up to you to determine whether your plan is one that you helped create, or one that the state created for you.

The attorneys at Griffith, Young & Lass will work with you to create a strategy that protects the wealth you’ve earned during your lifetime and carries out your wishes long after you’re gone.

Scope of Services

Our experts are qualified to assist with a broad range of estate planning services, including wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, advance health care directives and complex matters such as probate.

Our desire is to work with you to accomplish the following:

• Protect your family’s assets by completing all paperwork with authority
• Assist your family in working together collaboratively to avoid conflict
• Achieve peace of mind that a solid plan is in place and that your family members have a clear understanding of your desires

Plan Now for the Future and for the Unexpected

The best time to plan your estate is well before you reach retirement. Working with an attorney who specializes in this area of law while you’re younger and in good health means that you have everything in place should you experience an unexpected injury or illness.

Our Approach

Planning your estate doesn’t have to be costly or tedious, and it shouldn’t feel impersonal. We view estate planning services as a long-term partnership. We value the relationships we build with each of our clients. Our clients know where to start if they have a legal problem.

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Whether you’re planning ahead for your personal estate and you’ve found the process so complicated, you’ve felt like giving up, or your loved one’s estate, trust, will, or guardianship has become contentious, we invite you to call upon our experienced litigators for assistance.
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