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Legal Guidance For Cohabitating Couples In San Diego And North County

In divorces, marital rights and duties serve as the basis for things like spousal support and the division of property. However, such rights do not arise when people live in the same house but do not get married. As a result, if a cohabitating couple wants to secure rights similar to those enjoyed by married couples upon divorce, they should enter into a cohabitation agreement.

At Griffith, Young & Lass, you can benefit from the experience and dedication of our legal team when it comes to your legal rights and interests. Even if you didn’t marry your significant other, you may have had a comparable relationship with them that lasted years. If that relationship comes to an end, you might be left in a difficult position when it comes to property rights and financial support.

We can help protect those rights by creating a cohabitation agreement for you and your significant other. Our legal team also has experience litigating disputes between parties under the terms of an existing cohabitation agreement.

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What Is A Cohabitation Agreement In California?

A cohabitation agreement is a private agreement between parties who cohabitate without being legally married. This document outlines rights and obligations to certain shared properties after the dissolution of the relationship. Such an agreement operates similar to how a premarital agreement would operate for married couples. However, in contrast to marital agreements, cohabitation agreements are generally the primary source of certain rights between the cohabitating parties.

What Is Included In A Cohabitation Agreement?

Cohabitation agreements can involve provisions governing the rights and responsibilities of the parties in issues such as:

  • Property division: A cohabitation agreement can help the parties clarify their rights to certain property and organize how to dispose of assets under certain conditions.
  • Partnership formation: A cohabitation agreement can contain provisions that govern the formation of a joint business between the parties.
  • Real estate rights: The parties to a cohabitation agreement can agree on allocating their respective rights when it comes to the ownership of a residence and their rights to rental income from the rental property.
  • Support: The California Family Code recognizes a spouse’s right to receive necessary financial support from their former spouse after getting a divorce. However, this right does not apply to unmarried cohabitating couples. As a result, the parties must voluntarily agree to the parties have the discretion to set the exact terms and conditions

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We live in a contemporary society where love and interpersonal relationships are not restricted to traditional notions of marriage. Unfortunately, our legal system still has to catch up to do regarding marriage and domestic relations. If you live with your significant other but are not getting married, you should seriously consider if cohabitation is right for you. At Griffith, Young & Lass, we have years of legal experience with various issues under California law, including the preparation, execution, and enforcement of cohabitation agreements. We can analyze your case and determine whether a cohabitation agreement is appropriate for you and your significant other.

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