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Resolving Family Law Disputes For San Diego Residents

A significant number of divorce cases are resolved through a private agreement between the parties as a result of negotiation and compromise. In California, the agreement that governs the rights and responsibilities of the parties in a divorce case is known as a “marital settlement agreement” (MSA).

The parties can take control of their divorce using an MSA with provisions that concern the following issues:

  • The date of separation
  • The division of community property
  • The custody of children
  • The visitation rights of parents
  • The need for spousal support

When the parties have entered into an MSA, they can forego formal proceedings related to the issues resolved in the agreement. Courts will incorporate the terms of the MSA into their final judgment and orders upon judicial approval.

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Comprehensive Marital Settlement Agreement Services

At Griffith, Young & Lass, we offer advice and advocacy regarding the following:

  • Negotiating MSAs: An MSA is the product of mutual compromise and cooperation. Our experienced attorneys can take the reins during negotiations in settlement conferences and private mediation proceedings.
  • Drafting and reviewing MSA provisions: In divorces, courts issue orders for matters such as child custody, child support, and spousal support. If the parties entered into an MSA, a judge will ratify the terms of the agreement and incorporate them into the court’s final divorce orders. We can review and draft provisions of an MSA that promote your legal interests to help maximize the chances that a judge will approve the agreement.
  • Enforcing the terms and conditions of MSAs: Upon divorce, the issues of a valid MSA serve as the basis for the court-ordered obligations and responsibilities of the parties. Our experienced attorneys can craft provisions that give you more flexibility and control when it comes to the enforcement of your rights under the agreement.
  • Modifying MSA provisions: Generally, the terms of an MSA can be changed if a material change in circumstances occurred after the parties finalized their divorce. However, the parties can negotiate provisions that govern why and how the parties can modify their obligations under the MSA and associated court orders. Our attorneys can help craft such provisions if necessary. Additionally, we can handle the modification process in compliance with the terms of an existing MSA.

Get Quality Advice From A Skilled Marital Settlement Agreement Attorney In Carlsbad

Are you interested in taking your divorce into your own hands? You can accomplish this during settlement negotiations handled by a dedicated Carlsbad family law attorney with experience with MSAs. At Griffith, Young & Lass, our legal team has handled numerous of divorces where issues were resolved under the terms of an MSA. We can advise you about the benefits and disadvantages of an MSA, and whether it would be appropriate in your case.

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