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Child Visitation Agreements and Court Orders

Your children deserve and need the love of both parents. The San Marcos child custody lawyers at Griffith, Young & Lass can help you find a plan that serves the best interests of your children. We can also help you protect your children in the event that the other parent seeks to take your children away or if the other parent is putting your children at risk.

Child visitation is time spent by the children of a relationship with the parent that does not currently have primary custody of the children in a family law matter. The parent with visitation rights is known as the non-custodial parent. A visitation arrangement is referred to as co-parenting plan and can be entered into by agreement of the parents or by court order.

There are many different types of visitation plans most of which include frequent and continuing access for the children to the non-custodial parent. Regular weekly visits are supplemented by extended vacation visits as well as shared holidays with the custodial parent. Visitation schedules vary depending on the age of the children as well as many other factors.

Most of the time, visitation gradually increases over time as the children grow older and become more independent. The ultimate goal in any co-parenting plan is to come up with something that works best for the children and parents and ensures that the children are able to have healthy and functioning relationships with both parents.

For a more detailed discussion of the different types of common visitation arrangements, see the Parenting Plans page of our website.

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