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A Decade of Family Law for John Griffith
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A Decade of Family Law for John Griffith

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Articles

Becoming an attorney is no easy feat. It requires a significant amount of hard work and determination to meet all the requirements to eventually be sworn in by an honorable judge.

Exactly 10 years ago from today, John Griffith, who is a partner of Griffith, Young, & Lass, was sworn in to become an official attorney.

“I found out the results of my bar exam on May 15th and was sworn in the following day,” recalls Griffith. “I was beyond thrilled to have passed the first time and to go through the ceremony.”

In California, the bar exam is available in February and July of each year. The results of the exam are released in 10 weeks letting the hopeful attorney know if they passed or failed. If the test taker does not pass the bar exam, they can try again.

The bar exam is something that must be studied for meticulously. The General Statistics Report for the bar exam releases the pass/fail statistics. In July 2018, the pass rate for all test takers was 40.7 percent. When Griffith took the exam in 2009, the pass rate was significantly less at 33.5 percent.

Griffith encourages aspiring attorneys to be prepared to work extremely hard throughout the process and to not give up. In the past decade, Griffith has been extremely satisfied with the results of his career and his path in family law.

Having gone through divorce proceedings and child custody arrangements in his personal life, Griffith felt passionate about family law particularly.

“I know what a trying time divorce is and the uncertainty that is experienced,” he said. “I knew I could help others reach the best possible conclusion in their circumstances.”

Griffith has had major success as an attorney and is know in the San Diego Area for his success. Griffith has been recognized on the Super Lawyers Rising Star list for the past two years and is also a Certified Family Law Specialist.

Prior to opening Griffith, Young, & Lass, he worked as the managing partner of one of the largest family law firms in North County San Diego. He has a reputation for being competent and ethical as an attorney and receives favorable reviews from his clients.

“If you are in need of a Family Law Attorney, and you don’t at least meet with John Griffith, you are making a mistake,” a recent client said in a review.  “The only bigger mistake would be not hiring John and his team to represent you.”

Griffith is admired by his peers at the firm and GYL would not be the same without him. The firm is constantly growing and will be hiring additional attorneys in the future. If you are an aspiring attorney or just passed the bar, reach out to us for career opportunities.