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Coping with a year of “firsts” after divorce
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Coping with a year of “firsts” after divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Divorce

The first year after a divorce is a period of major changes. Many people who are going through the initial stages of a divorce don’t realize just how much this time can challenge them.

If you’re in this position, there are some ways you can make the year of firsts a bit easier. One of the primary ways is to do what you can to cultivate a positive outlook on life. Remember that even though things might be different now, you have many reasons to keep looking forward.

Embrace the change

The year of firsts is a perfect opportunity to embrace changes that can improve your life. It may come as a shock at first because you may not be able to do some of the same things you did during your marriage. For example, holidays are often a major change because certain activities, such as holiday parties, might look very different now. This is a time for you to evaluate what’s truly important to you so you can decide on traditions that fit in with your new life. Don’t be concerned if you don’t figure this out all at once. Trial and error can help you make decisions about traditions.

Focus on self-care

Self-care may not have been too much of a priority during your marriage because you were more focused on keeping the marriage healthy. Now that you’re single, you can truly focus on improving yourself. The year of firsts can be a time of reinvention for your life. You can decide what truly makes you happy and begin to focus on those areas. Learning how to do this now can give you the foundation to continue it throughout the rest of your life.

Seek support

When you’re overwhelmed, connect with your support team, including family and friends. These connections can offer practical help, like hosting gatherings or providing company for events, as well as emotional support to help you through moments of loneliness or sadness. If you don’t have a strong support team, consider taking steps to build one, like seeking out counseling services and joining groups of people who share your same interests.

You should also seek legal assistance to help you through the divorce. A skilled legal team can explain your options and work with you to pursue your legal interests. This can reduce your stress so you can focus your energy on building your new life.