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Love & Marriage: Not the Same
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Love & Marriage: Not the Same

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2020 | Articles

On Thursday, January 9th, one of the hosts of Daily Pop on the E! network slightly broke down with emotions while giving her personal thoughts and opinions on a story regarding divorce.

Morgan Stewart is certainly a woman to watch in this decade as she hosts two popular shows on E! has an activewear line, fashion blog, and an impressive Instagram account (@morganstewart). The it girl with 1.3 million Instagram followers says she is for “the girl creating her own future”. You have my attention Ms. Stewart.

Stewart’s job on her shows are to weigh in on pop culture and she does it so naturally and always has much to say. She has been known to keep things real and raw and for that, I respect her. On Daily Pop, she discussed a possible divorce and questionable separation between Julianne Hough and her husband, Brooks Laich. She and her co-hosts where pretty much saying what most people say when they hear about a beloved couple separating. The consensus was sadness for the “cute couple” who often wrote mushy posts about each other on social media. Mushy posts are not enough to keep a marriage intact, but I am sure you already knew that.

Stewart immediately got into it saying the news of their dissolution of marriage did not surprise her. She said she could see they where both figuring out their own paths which could cause reason for taking a step back and reevaluating their relationship.

“You can love somebody all day that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to cover up all the holes that you need to have a marriage sustain itself,” Stewart said. “Love and marriage are two different things … Marriage is an act of work every single day.”

She continued saying some people just lack what it takes to do life with the person they married. The truth of the matter is some people are better apart from the person they married. In the near decade I have spent practicing family law, I have witnessed this repeatedly. I have observed countless break ups and divorces in my personal life as well and the immediate reaction is always sadness for the loss of a relationship that once functioned full of good times and happiness. The logical side of me knows divorce is a solution for a fresh start when a marriage is just not working.

To give a background on Stewart, she is amid a divorce now. She and her husband, Brendan Fitzpatrick where married for two years and together for a total of six. Stewart filed for divorce in Los Angeles in late October after a three-month separation. Her passionate commentary is due to her own personal experience and I find this incredibly beneficial that she can empathize and understand what divorced couples are going through.

Carissa Culliner, who is a co-host of Daily Pop asked Stewart when she realized her marriage was over and she really went into the details of why she and her husband are no longer.

“I don’t think you ever think in terms of “we are getting divorced”,” she said. “You think in terms of, am I going to be here for 15 more years and is this going to sustain itself?”.

She went on to say it is just a general feeling that sort of overtakes you. Stewart ultimately said the way she and Fitzpatrick have handled their matters shows her they were not meant to be partners. This is where she starts to tear up saying it is difficult and wipes tears away from her eyes.

This woman who has so much going for her is showing vulnerability and that she is human just like the rest of us. It doesn’t matter your social status, how much money you make, your athletic ability or your looks, divorce is hard. Marriage is hard work and when it comes to a point of failure, then action must be taken to create a more positive experience for both parties. The final thing Stewart says as she attempted to lighten up the mood was to say that she is happy and it’s just a lot sometimes. “Same Morgan, same,” said every woman going through a hard time in life coinciding with powerful growth.

Falling in love can be easy and it is beautiful, but there are so many hurdles a couple needs to overcome to take on and sustain a marriage. I agree with Stewart whole heartedly when she says love and marriage are not the same thing. Love is a feeling and marriage is a choice you make every day. Life is not perfect, but if you are with a partner that allows you to move through life cohesively, then you got this! I co-own Griffith, Young, & Lass family law firm with my husband (John Griffith). It is safe to say we are in the ultimate partnership.

Please share this with anyone who needs to hear these words. If this feels all too relatable to you and you need to contact me, please call me.

Happy Friday, please get out there and enjoy your weekend! I’m off to play tennis with my husband.