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Questions to Ask a Potential Divorce Attorney
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Questions to Ask a Potential Divorce Attorney

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Divorce

Gain As Much Information As Possible

When considering divorce, one key decision to make early in the process is who to hire to represent you in court. During this time, you should ask plenty of questions during the initial consultation to get a sense of whether the attorney is right for you. Keep reading to learn several key questions you should ask a potential divorce attorney.

Questions About Experience

To start, you should ask questions about the attorney’s experience handling divorce cases. How many years have they been practicing? What is the breakdown of their caseload between divorce cases and other cases? How many divorce situations have they handled that are similar to yours? You should also inquire whether the attorney has any experience with collaborative law or mediation, as these are alternatives to traditional litigation.

How long the attorney you are meeting with has been practicing is not necessarily the most important factor; however, learning this answer can give you some peace of mind to know that someone with significant experience will handle your case. If most of an attorney’s caseload consists of divorces, that is also a good sign that they will be familiar with the process and the types of issues that come up in these situations. If the attorney has experience with representing individuals similar to you, that means they will be familiar with the specific issues you are dealing with.


Results are very important when you are meeting with a potential divorce attorney. It’s crucial to understand what to expect and how the attorney has acted on behalf of other clients in similar situations. Consider asking the following questions to get a sense of what results the lawyer may be able to achieve for you:

  • What is your experience with cases like mine?

  • How many cases have you handled that were similar to mine?

  • What was the outcome of those cases?

  • Can you give me an estimate of how long my case might take?

  • What are the likely outcomes of my case?

Attorney-Specific Questions

It is also important to ask questions about an attorney’s fee structure and how they can be paid for their services. After all, you’ll want to know how much you will be expected to pay and when those payments are due.

Many attorneys require a retainer, which is an upfront fee that is paid before they begin working on your case. The retainer is then used to pay the attorney’s hourly rate as work is completed on your case. Some attorneys may also charge a flat fee, which means you will pay one price for all of the work that needs to be done on your case. Be sure to ask questions about costs to avoid surprises later on.

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