Marriage Improves Cardiovascular Health

San Diego, CA – Throughout the years, many studies have come out examining the effects of marital cohabitation on people’s mental and physical health markers. However, statistics have become available at the end of June, after observing over two million people–that show how marriage improves heart health in men and women alike.

Marriage Improves Cardiovascular Health San Diego

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According to this thorough compilation of studies, never married, divorced, or widowed people have a 43 percent higher chance of succumbing to heart disease than those who were married. Unmarried folk were also 55 percent more likely to die from a stroke. These are striking numbers, and worth an investigation as to why that trend may be.

Marriage can be quite stressful in the best of times, as very different individuals join their lives to exist as a unit. When children are born, the stress factor increases even more dramatically. So why should it be that marriage actually seems to have a protective effect on cardiovascular health? So far, there is no agreed upon cause established, but several theories have been put forth, including:

  • Help accessing health care: Some people posit that with a spouse keeping track of their partner’s health appointments, rides to the doctor, and noticing general well-being, it is much more unlikely that developing problems will go unnoticed than if there was no support or accountability.
  • The load of life responsibilities is diminished when they are shared amongst two people, and thus–less stress equals less strain on the heart.
  • Another possible link is that widowed, single, and divorced people tend to have less time for exercise and healthy cooking, as opposed to the marrieds–who can divide up the labor associated with these tasks.
  • Smoking is linked with heart disease. Married people have much more motivation to quit smoking because of family members’ health. Divorced people seem to smoke more often than any other demographic, multiplying their risks for heart and arterial disease.

Marriage generally seems to be good for health, but extreme stress from this relationship when problems are not addressed can be correlated with health risks. If you are in the process of divorce and needing help with asset division, child custody, and other divorce issues—call our office for help in La Jolla, Carlsbad, and San Diego.

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