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Spousal Support 101

A major concern throughout divorce proceedings are finances. When a couple goes their separate ways and is moving towards living separate lives, finances are a large concern. This is where spousal support comes in to play. Spousal support is financial assistance that recognizes a partner’s contribution to the marriage and helps the recipient achieve financial […]

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A Decade of Family Law for John Griffith

Becoming an attorney is no easy feat. It requires a significant amount of hard work and determination to meet all the requirements to eventually be sworn in by an honorable judge. Exactly 10 years ago from today, John Griffith, who is a partner of Griffith, Young, & Lass, was sworn in to become an official […]

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Honor Thy Mother: No Matter Your Circumstances

Each year, we can count on Mother’s Day falling on the second Sunday of May. This is a day we celebrate the women who have nurtured children and given of themselves to no end. The second Sunday of every month of May can also be a point of contention for some if they are in […]

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Lost Sole Custody of Your Children? 10 Ways to Regain Your Child Custody Rights

Carlsbad, CA – When going through a divorce or legal separation, a California family court of law may grant you sole or joint physical custody of your children. These arrangements will be detailed in the custody order, which outlines each parent’s child custody and visitation rights. Image Source Family courts don’t prefer one ruling over […]

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How to Divorce When Your Spouse is Hiding Assets

Carlsbad, CA – When you marry a person, you’d like to think that your bond is forged on honesty and integrity. Unfortunately, divorce can bring out the very worst in some people. If you are going through a divorce and you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets that should be divided and split among […]

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Marriage Legislation: Getting Married in the United States

Note: There may be topics in this article unrelated to the State of California. San Diego, CA – Many, many congratulations on your marriage! Marriage is a contractual agreement between two people, binding them together on an emotional, legal and material level. If you’re planning to get married in the US, it is important that […]

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